Our Core Values

Respect, Honesty, Confidentiality and Transparency

What makes Grand taxi cab service unique from others is that all our drivers own the business and they strive to achieve higher customer service satisfaction through respect, honesty, confidentiality and transparency. Thus, we expect our employees to follow a certain code of ethics when conducting business with a client.

Grand Cab treats its employees, partners and drivers like a family member and we expect them to treat our customers feel the same.

What We Expect From Our Drivers?

Punctuality, Reliability, Dependability and our core values. At Grand, our cabbies play an integral part in all our operations, and we realize their worth. You will be welcomed to work with us, rather than under anyone. You will have a direct share in the company, and will be treated with respect by your coworkers and supervisors. Along with that, we offer many additional incentives to our member drivers.

If you are interested to join Grand cab, contact us immediately!

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