Reporting Complaints to Taxicab Company and to the DC Department of Vehicles-for-Hire (DVFH) (to be placed on Signatory’s web site)

Taxicab Company’s Complaint Process, Investigation & Sanctions for Discriminatory Conduct:

Passengers may report complaints to the Company by emailing Grand Cab Company LLC, at or by calling (202) 269-6690.

The Taxicab Company will promptly investigate any complaints regarding discriminatory conduct according to the following process:

  • Each complaint will be investigated promptly and completed within fifteen (15) business days of its receipt’;
  • If at the end of the investigation, the Company believes there is a clear violation:
  • If the Associated Driver has dispatch service with the Company, dispatch service will be suspended for immediately at the end of the investigation and the Associated Driver will be reported to the DVFH; and
  • If the Associated Driver does not have dispatch service with the Licensor, the Associated Driver will be reported to the DC Department of Vehicles -For-Hire;  and  
  • If there is a pattern of violations as evidenced by a repeat offense where the Company believes there is a clear violation by the Associated Driver, or in the case of a first offense if warranted by the circumstances, the Licensor will terminate the associated relationship with the driver.

 District of Columbia Department of Vehicles-for-Hire (DVFH) Complaint Process, Investigation & Sanctions for Discriminatory Conduct

Passengers (including prospective passengers) have the right to report complaints to the DVFH.  See DVFH Complaint Procedure below:

A complaint against a taxicab/limousine operator or owner must be in writing and can be completed online using the DVFH Complaint Form.

The complaint must contain all of the details concerning the incident and include at a minimum of the name of the operator, vehicle license tag and date and time of the incident.

The Complaint shall include complainant’s name, mailing address, daytime phone number and email address. There are several methods to submit a complaint to DVFH:

  • Complete the online DCVH Complaint Form;
  • Hand carry your letter to the Department at 2235 Shannon Place SE, Suite 3001Washington, DC 20020;
  • Fax your letter to (202) 889-3604;
  • Use the United Postal service
  • Email your complaint to

When your complaint is received, it will be investigated. You will receive an acknowledgement letter. The operator will also receive a letter requesting them to report to the Department.

If a hearing is required to adjudicate this matter, you will be contacted via letter or telephone with the hearing dates, times and a location.

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